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Babies & Toddlers

Swaddle Blanket Snuggler

I cannot begin to tell you how having a swaddle blanket saved our lives as new parents! This swaddle snuggler is made with printed cotton fabric and lined with soft fleece. Velcro makes it easy to get on and off, and keeps baby safe and secure inside. The snuggler is also machine washable!

When ordering, select one fabric combination below and type the corresponding letter into the fabric choice box. You can also just type in a gender and I'll select the fabric for you. Swaddle blanket snuggler is $25.00 plus shipping.

Fabric choice

Boutique Burp Cloths

These are my absolute favorite burp cloths! They are incredibly absorbent, machine washable, and cute! Sold in sets of three, you can select three fabrics to coordinate your gift.

When ordering, select any three fabrics from the choices below and type the corresponding letters in the fabric choices box. Or you can just type in a gender and I'll choose the colors for you! Each set is $15.00 plus shipping.

Fabric Choices or Gender

Toddler Art Work Display

Proudly display your child's artwork in any room of the house with this personalized wooden sign. The sign can be made in any color combinations and with any child's name. Picture hangers on the back make it ready to hang on the wall! Background patterns will vary, but if you have a specific request please email me at

To order, enter the colors you would like on the sign in the color selection box below. Then type in the child's name in the name box. Price is $16.00 plus shipping.


Child's Name

Portable Changing Pad with Pocket

This changing pad is both stylish and functional. Made with a fleece fabric and backed with a cotton print, the pad is soft for baby and still durable. The pocket can hold a hard or soft wipes packet and a few diapers (infant or toddler size). Just roll it up, velcro it closed, and throw it in your diaper bag or purse. Topstitching is used for extra durability. The changing pad measures approximately 12"x24" unfolded and 12"x8" folded.

When ordering, select a fabric combination below and type the corresponding letter in the fabric choice box. If you're not picky about the fabric, just type in a gender and I'll choose for you! Changing pad is $20.00 plus shipping.

Fabric choices

Baby Hooded Towel

As if your little one wasn't squeezable enough, wrap them up in a precious animal hooded towel! Made from a soft, cotton towel that is thicker and more absorbent than most store-bought infant towels. The matching trim around the edge completes the look! You can select your animal and the color of the towel. Some ideas are: puppy, kitten, duck, frog, shark, bunny, dinosaur, bear, monkey, mouse. If you haave another animal in mind, please send me an email at and I'll see if I can make it! Available colors are red, pink, blue, green, brown, orange, yellow, purple, and white.

To order, specify your towel color and animal in the corresponding boxes below. Price is $20.00 plus shipping.

Towel Color



Toddler Animal Hooded Towel

As my son grew, he no longer fit into those adorable infant towels. I still wanted him to have some so I decided to make my own! These towels are made larger especially for toddlers out of a thick cotton towel. You can select your towel color and animal. The shark and dinosaur towels are pictured here, and other available animals include: monkey, dog, alligator, cat, rabbit, duck, and dog. Color choices are: red, pink, blue, green, orange, yellow, brown, purple, and white.

To order enter your choices for towel color and animal in the corresponding boxes below. Price is $20.00 plus shipping.

Towel Color


Toddler Step Stool

Let your toddler brush their teeth in style using this personalized step stool. You can coordinate the colors with your toddler's room or bathroom. The stool is made of wood and covered with a protective sealant to withstand dirt, water, and wear. It is lightweight enough for your toddler to pick up and carry, but very sturdy when they are standing on it as well.

To order type in the colors you would like in the color choices box below. Then type in the child's name (spelled correctly!) in the name box. Price is $20.00 plus $8.00 shipping.


Color choices

Child's name

Tiny Tutu

This tutu is the perfect size for an adorable baby girl! Made of soft tulle and a crocheted waistband, baby can wear this comfortably with any onesie, or by itself! You can customize the colors of the tulle, and waistband colors will be selected to match. Available colors are: baby pink, bright pink, white, yellow, lime green, chocolate brown, lavender, and yellow. You can choose as many or as few as you like!

To order, enter your color choices in the box below. Price is $14.00 plus shipping.

Color choices

Initial Onesie or T-shirt

Show off your little one's name in style with their initial on a onesie or t-shirt. This simple personalization makes a baby gift that much sweeter too. Initials can be put on any onesie or t-shirt up to 3T. All t-shirts and onesies are white, and you select the fabric for the initial.

When ordering, select the size using the drop down box below. Choose one fabric from the choices below and type the correspondign letter into the box. You can also just type in baby's gender and I'll choose the fabric for you. Finally, don't forget to tell me what letter you want! Prices range from $10.00 to $12.00 plus shipping depending on the size.

Fabric Choice or Gender


Tag Sensory Blankie

These blankies are perfect for car rides, stroller strides, shopping adventures, and just about anything else. The fabrics are a coordinating cotton print and a super soft fleece or minky. Ribbons in varying widths, lengths, textures, and designs adorn the sides to keep baby entertained and properly stimulated. You can also have the blankie made in the shape of a letter for a more personalized touch! Finished size of square blankies is approximately 12"x12" not including ribbons. Blankie can be made for girls, boys, or gender neutral.

When ordering, select a cotton fabric and type the corresponding letter into the box. The fleece or minky will be selected to match. Or you can just specify a gender and I'll choose for you. If you would like the blankie in the shape of a letter, please indicate that in the letter choice box as well. Ribbons will be selected based on color and availability. Price is $14.00 plus shipping.

Fabric choices or gender

Letter (optional)

Flower Hair Clips

These adorable hair clips radiate cuteness! Made with a ribbon-covered clip, they can slide straight into your little one's hair, or onto a hat or headband if she doesn't have hair yet! Set of four flowers in pinks and purples will match lots of different outfits. Headband colors can be requested - check out options in the photo below. Flower colors are as pictured.

When ordering please select "Flowers Only" or "Flowers and Headbands" from the drop down menu. If ordering headbands, please select your four colors and type them in the box below. Set of four flower clips is $8.00 plus shipping. Set of four flower clips plus four headbands is $12.00 plus shipping.

Available headband colors: baby pink, yellow, green, black, blue, lavender, brown, pink, white

Headband colors

Fairy Dresses

These adorable dresses are great for photos or to play dress up. Made with a tulle skirt, the body is stretchy and breathable and fits babies and toddlers. Skirts for toddler dresses are made longer than those for babies. The flower is a detachable hair clip that can be worn on the dress, in baby's hair, or on a cute headband or hat. Colors can be customized - see choices in the photo below.

When ordering please select your tulle colors (choose as many or as few as you would like) and body color and type them into the box below. Flowers will be made to match your selection. Each fairy dress is $20.00 plus shipping.

Tulle colors: yellow, chocolate brown, lime green, bright pink, baby pink, white, lavender
Body colors: white, lime green, bright pink, baby pink, lavender, black, yellow, blue

Tulle Colors

Body Color

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